Monday, February 4, 2013

The Academic Zombie

So my first week of the semester is over.... 2 classes that I am taking for my degree and 1 class that I am teaching. And while it's only 1 week in, the difference between me getting around Manhattan for the fall semester and now is a complete 180.

Between the last day of the fall semester (an easy quantitative methods final) and the first day of the spring semester, I saw my first stretch marks (and oddly had a good cry, thank you bizarre pregnancy hormones!), I felt my first kicks, I became obviously pregnant and not 'fat' (I carry low so although I popped early, I feel like it could have been mistaken for fat instead of baby. And my friends telling me "I wouldn't have been able to tell you were pregnant anyway!" didn't help), and I got a perfectly clear anatomy scan at 20 weeks 4 days. 

Hitting that half-way threshold means a lot more than just being closer to delivering and holding the baby than when you conceived him or her. It means the beginning of really feeling pregnant - getting random itchy and/or brown spots on your body and enough acid in your stomach to serve as a biological krakatoa. It means learning the difference between your baby shifting in your belly (which I equate to a snake slithering around in there), elbowing you and giving you a solid kick. It means learning your baby's personality and getting used to when they wake up (like right after I pee when I get up every morning between 5:30 and 6:30). 

But although I mentally feel like myself, I no longer physically feel like myself. I'm not depressed about it - I know a few pregnant people who are. But I just wish there was an easier way for me to get around and not feel so physically winded by the time I get to where I have to go. My consulting work and my research work (which I'll get into somewhat in a later post) can be done mostly from home - which really is a blessing. But I can't teach 27 college kids about epidemiology from my house - and I wouldn't want to anyway. I love interacting with them in person - I just wish I didn't have to wobble through East Harlem and Midtown Manhattan amid a sea of people, with a pulled groin muscle and breasts that feel more like udders. 

Ahh - to be pregnant. I wouldn't want it any other way :).  

I'll update again soon


Monday, January 28, 2013

My first (insignificant) post

Hello everyone!

I will preface this entry by saying that I won't be able to write much, as I have to get ready to embark on my first day of classes for the Spring 2013 semester, the end of which will nicely coincide with the due date for my first child.

The purpose of this blog will be to give my readers (eg, anyone who is interested) a view into the life of an individual trying to lead a triple life - as a wife, a mother (to-be!) and a doctoral student.

For the 'wife' part - I have been with the love of my life for 5 and a half years as of this Saturday (February 2nd). We have been married since June 30th, and not a winter day goes by that I don't miss basking in that amazing summer warmth.

For the 'mother' part - I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with my first child. I am due may 26. I won't lie - the beginning of my pregnancy was really tough. Filled with worry and disbelief, as well as relentless nausea from Week 6 straight on to Week 13. I had a brief reprieve and began mentally and physically feeling more like myself during the holidays. Recently, I've had a bit of an issue with tiring easily and feeling the pain of my already large bust expanding further, but these are topics for another time :). 
        Regardless of my complaints, I have a wonderful healthy baby growing inside me (the gender of which i am keeping a secret until the birth!) and I couldn't be more excited!

For the 'doctoral student' part - I am beginning the last semester of my 3rd year of doctoral studies later today. I will go more into depth about my research interests, where exactly I am in my studies and where I am looking to go, but in short, I am a doctor of public health (DPH) student with a focus on epidemiology. I already have my MPH in epidemiology and my BA in political science (with a public affairs concentration). I anticipate that I should be done with all of my studies as of May 2015.
     This part of my life also consists of me being an adjunct professor to undergraduates at Hunter College as well as me being a biostatistician consultant for a pharm tech start-up company and a research assistant/co-primary investigator on a few interesting projects with a Hunter College professor. 

This blog will be a look into my life - my accomplishments, my musings, my advice, my challenges, and although it's highly unlikely you have the same exact life as me, I guarantee that parts of my life will resonate with you. I dip my hand in too many pies to not have something in common with most :)

I look forward to sharing with you all.